「An Unhealthy Obsession」


集合了七位繪師共同製作,獻給我們最愛的酒吞與茨木,大江山最愛摯友最挺摯友摯友一級棒一生只督摯友的茨木's 提供。婚禮只准參加不許拒絕,4月9日在丹波國酒店大江山宴會廳舉辦,請參加者事先預定,婚禮上只提供酒,謝謝。


BenyaminAURA, E+, Ibaraki Light, INU, MAPP, OOPEACH, Pemy

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English lyrics

They call it creeping I say loving it's the only way for me
Filling out papers, signing waivers but I stay outside his reach
I name your mother and your father and the first pet that you keep
I know your favourite place to dine at when your cheque comes in each week
I know you do your wash on Sundays and you separate your whites
and that your car needs a new tire 'cos last week I laid those spikes
I've got a million polaroids with all the dates penned in red ink
I sneak a walkie-talky in your room to listen to you sleep... 

You just don't know it yet but you love me and I love you the same
One day we'll have a pretty wedding and I'll be your everything
We'll be together, yes forever, we will never ever part
Oh you don't know it yet but baby I've already got your heart

Some call it stalking, I say walking just extremely close behind
I'm sure if I sat down and asked you, well you really wouldn't mind.. 
You've got those eyes that drive me crazy, and I've got eyes to watch you sleep
I brought a pack lunch and some coffee for my stakeout in your tree... outside your house.. 

Gotta be as quiet as a mouse, or else you'll call the police
And I'll get done for somethin' stupid like disturbance of the peace
and piece by piece I am collecting all the things you leave behind
and when you don't I rummage through your bins to see what I can find...





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