作品可以轉,但是請附上我的名字跟網站連結缺一不可。 1. OOPEACH 2. oopeach.lofter.com 不符合以上兩點,請直接幫忙舉報吧。 圖可以當桌布、頭像、刻章等等,除了商業、自印行為、二次修改皆不授權,請勿擅自輸出任何我個人創作的作品,知道你喜歡,但把圖製作成實品就超出界線了,你想要什麼商品可以跟我提,我會納入考慮。 動畫禁止二次上傳影片,或在我的影片後製字幕,這樣會破壞動畫的畫面設計,分享請直接貼影片連結。我可以接受授權翻譯我的漫畫,但這是基於不破壞畫面為主。另外,這首歌已經被眾多國家翻譯過,其實也不需要翻譯的。 目前只上傳兩個地方 Youtube Bilibili ------ Works can be reproduced, but make sure you have added my name and the website link as sources.I am happy that people appreciate my animation. If you want to share my works with other people, please share it directly with the ‘sharing button’ of my fan page. Please DON’T upload my works on your own behaviour or add subtitles to my animation. Such behaviour will destroy and obstruct the aesthetics of my animation. It is acceptable that people help me translate my manga/comics from Mandarin into other languages, which is based on the behaviour not destroying or obstructing my works. If you would like to translate the language, please kindly type the translated text down directly on the comments area. Thank you.This is OOPEACH's personal site, contains possible BL, YAOI and other materials. All contents have nothing to do with actual authors, publishers, real events or countries. Please do not use, reprint, modify any content from this site without permission.
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